Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church

Kindergarten—5th Grade

Workshop Rotation


This year we are kicking off Workshop Rotation.  The basic idea of Workshop Rotation is that Sunday School focuses for several weeks on a single idea.  There are a number of hands-on workshops and children rotate each week.  An adult guide travels with each group as they go to a new workshop with a different teacher.


What’s in Your Spiritual Toolbox?


· Session A: Cooperation – There are four workshops focusing on team building and cooperation.  Each group will work together playing games, building towers, hearing stories and doing activities. 


· Session B: Faith, Prayer and Forgiveness - These sessions introduce tools for discerning truth and justice in a complex world. Children are encouraged to draw upon inner resources such as conscience, intuition and empathy; spiritual resources such as faith, prayer and forgiveness; and external resources that include wise teachers and the larger community.


· Session C: Love and Generosity- “What Would Love Do?” These sessions focus on the ways love calls us to act in the world with humans, other living beings and the Earth. Children are introduced to spiritual practices that are grounded in love, including generosity, and nonviolence.


· Session D: Goodness and Justice – These sessions introduce tools and attitudes that are necessary to bring goodness and justice into the larger world. Here children explore responsibility, courage, persistence and cooperation.


· Session E: Respect- These sessions look at ways we can respect each other, our neighbors, and our world. 




The Children’s Religious Education program is currently coordinated by a part-time, professional Director of Religious Education and implemented by a 6 member Religious Education Committee. This leadership team is made up of members of the congregation who make every effort to be responsive to the needs, wishes and dreams of the children and adults in our congregation. The committee establishes the vision, goals, and policies of the RE program.  We are ALWAYS open and encourage feedback. We believe hearing from the parents and children facilitates a strong program.  (Learn more about the Children’s Religious Education Committee by visiting our Community section.)

To give feedback or to make suggestions about the Children's Religious Education Program, please use our online survey .

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In addition to the core Sunday morning class content, the RE Program offers a wide range of enrichment and ritual opportunities for our children and for families, such as:  primary grades catechism, worship development for children, children’s chapel services, social service projects, OWL-Our Whole Lives (faith-based sexuality education), holiday parties, winter holiday service, field trips, and intergenerational services.


Classes for the RE program are grouped according to age.

Ages Birth-3 years old



We believe Religious Education starts from day one.  Babies and toddlers learn through play.  Our nursery offers a safe, fun, and social environment for our youngest children to play, listen to music, dance, crawl, color, look at books, and interact with each other.  A changing table is provided in the nursery, as well as a rocking chair for nursing moms.  There are two paid nursery attendants in the nursery every Sunday from 9:00 am—12:00 pm.

Ages 3-4 years old
Rainbow Seekers

Our 3 and 4 year olds will be exploring the activities in a program called
Rainbow Seekers. Rainbow Seekers offers rituals and structure that are age appropriate for the growing child.  It’s an amazing curriculum that explores the gems of our UU faith with the preschoolers.  The preschoolers meet at 10:30am every Sunday for free play before class in the Preschool room.  The beginning of the service is optional for each family.

Junior High Youth Group


Popcorn Theology takes the concept and popularity of movie night and uses it to explore issues of theology and ethics in popular film.  


Junior High Youth will:

· examine how the choices we make affect our lives and the lives of others

· explore how concepts such as truth and meaning are related to perspective and point of view

· understand ways in which the right of conscience calls us to do what is right despite possible negative consequences

· consider ways in which our faith can help us understand our questions, seek answers, and deal with the trials of life

· learn about other faith traditions and their responses to important theological and ethical issues


Listening Between The Lines uses current music and lyrics as spring boards to discussing life and belief systems.

After completing the Children’s Religious Education curriculum, children move to our High School Youth Group (Grades 9-12).  Please see Religious Education program for Youth for more information on the High School Youth Group.