Typical Service

Every worship service at Heritage is unique, but, our services do generally follow a regular format. Some of our services are led by our minister, Rev. Bill Gupton, and others are led by a member of the congregation.


Services begin each week, year-round, at 10:30 a.m. We start with a musical prelude and the ringing of our church bell -- seven times, once for each of the seven Unitarian Universalist principles. We welcome visitors and offer a "call to worship" and chalice lighting.


Members, friends and visitors are invited to share milestones during our "candles of community," and then we recite together our congregational covenant:

Following “A Time for All Ages”, a story for children usually related to the theme of the service, children leave the sanctuary for their Religious Education classes. We then center ourselves with a prayer or silent reflection, followed by readings and music (often including either congregational hymn-singing, or an anthem by our wonderful choir). Then our minister or a guest speaker shares a reflection on the day's topic. Click here for some transcripts of past sermons.


Each service concludes with the congregation joining hands and repeating our benediction:

Typical Service

After the service, we gather in the Great Room for refreshments, fair-trade coffee and conversation.

Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church
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