How We Worship

Every worship service at Heritage is unique, but our services do generally follow a regular format. Most of our services are led by our minister, Rev. Bill Gupton, and others are led by a member of the congregation.


Services begin each week, year-round, at 10:30 a.m. We start with a musical prelude and the ringing of our church bell -- seven times, once for each of the seven Unitarian Universalist principles. We welcome visitors and offer a "call to worship" and chalice lighting.


Members, friends and visitors are invited to share milestones during our "Candles of Community." We also recite together our congregational covenant each week.

Most Sundays, children join us in worship for the first few minutes of the service. Once a month, there is a special “Time for All Ages” that engages the children in the theme of that day’s service. We then center ourselves with a prayer or silent reflection, followed by readings and music (often including either congregational hymn-singing, or an anthem by our wonderful choir). Then our minister or a guest speaker shares a reflection on the day's topic. Click here to read some of our minister's past sermons.


Each service concludes with the congregation joining hands and repeating our benediction:

Typical Service

After the service, we gather in the Great Room for refreshments, fair-trade coffee and conversation.

Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church
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